Whats the difference between a reservation and a ticket? Why do I need to pay to access a private event?

1. We sell tickets for our public events (no membership needed) through Eventbrite or hardcopies which you'll need to bring to the door. 2. Reservations are what we offer to our members that which to come to your private studio event. This is a strategy to further community, accountability, and the security of our headquarters. Reservations can be made online via our membership portal: https://www.submersivetribe.com/submembers/private-events Remember, that memberships are valid for 365 days and that we host a private event at least once per month.

What are the features included in the membership program fees?

  • Private and special event access and calendar listings
  • Exclusive member pricing and pre-sale ticket access for special events
  • Hear-it first workshop and production announcements
  • Promo codes for future merch discounts
  • Rehearsal room booking access
  • An optional feature profile in our member / industry database
  • Log-in access to our website / membership portal
  • The ability to purchase TWO tickets for our private events (make sure you arrive with your guest)
  • Music, entertainment, and creative industry reports
  • Voting rights at our AGM

How do I make a reservation / access a private event?

Official members will be able to log-in via the top right corner of the website's home page where it says "Log In / Register." Here you can access our private events and pay for your reservation online to guarantee access to the studio. Members are able to make TWO reservations under their name, and are asked to sign their guest in personally when they arrive. Depending on our capacity, ONLY active members and 1 of their guest are able to "drop-in" to our private events. Door fees are only accepted from active members. https://www.submersivetribe.com/submembers/private-events Reservations are added to our door list under the name of the member that made the reservation. If you'd like to bring more than 1 person, please encourage them to apply for a membership. Remember, it's valid for 365 days and that we host a private event at least once per month. We ask that everyone plan to attend before the night begins and plan a safe way home if they're staying late. For more on using the membership portal, read this: https://www.submersivetribe.com/post/membership-portal-launch-book-online-access-resources-event-and-funding-calendars-and-more

Why a membership program? Why are you charging fees for your events?

We've had a great couple of years of keeping our doors wide open at the studio, celebrating the space, talent, and spontanious community that came through the studio. At the same time, we recognize that there are risks, optics, and liabilities that are best addressed through introducing a private event program. To help sustain the space, further financial support, and tighten our community network, we're evolving into a non-profit organization and offering private event access to registered members and an additional guest they can purchase a reservation for. We welcome all genders, ethnicities, orientations, and ages provided they come prepared to respect our code of conduct. We hope that a membership fee of $20 / year is felt to be $1.60 / month - we depend on these fees to sponsor our non-profit incorporation and are greatful to have raised $760.00 / December 26th towards that goal.

How can I check on my membership / registration status?

1. If you've submitted a registration reqest via the top right corner look for a confirmation email and further program details in your inbox. Make sure you submit your $20 payment via e-transfer or Credit/Visa once we forward your invoice. 2. Once you've accepted the terms and conditions of our membership agreement/code of conduct, and paid $20 for your annual fee via your invoice or e-transfer, we will shift you from a pending into a full member within the week. This will activate your membership and the above member privileges for 365 days. Memberships are officiated weekly by our volunteers - check your inbox for a confirmation email and full program links/details. 3. Please contact us via the chat bubble if you feel like there's a delay in the processing of your membership - please give our volunteers time to process applications as we do in person.

If I'm a member, can I bring a guest to a private event? What does +1 mean?

Memberships and reservations must be registered and processed through the website. Step 1: Register / Log In: https://www.submersivetribe.com/membership Step 2: Go to the Private Event page in the Portal to make your Reservation(s): https://www.submersivetribe.com/submembers/private-events Yes, you can make TWO paid reservations for our private events prior to the start of the event. We do not process memberships or accept money at the door. Make sure your guest is with you when they sign in. Reservations are added to our door list under the name of the member that made the reservation. We ask that everyone plan to attend before the night begins and plan a safe way home.

What will my $20 annual membership fees go towards?

All financial support from members will be re-dedicated to the facility, harm reduction supplies that include earplugs, infographics, electrolyte powder, security, and our program administration and operations. We're asking $20 / year which is equal to $1.60 / month. No, this is NOT a monthly fee.

How can I find out about Private Events?

1. Members can log-in and check the private event page here. This is also where you can make a reservation: https://www.submersivetribe.com/submembers/private-events 2. When we launch a private event, we forward an event invitation to your inbox.

How will my personal info be stored? What if I want to cancel my membership?

Our membership info is stored securely on our servers, and door sign-in will be digital and based only around your name and membership status. Your payment details will be held confidentially and we encourage any that feel sensitive about cyber security to simply send us an e-transfer to claim your tickets. Once we launch, pending requests are held in the queue for up to 60 days while we await your annual payment. After 60 days, if we don't receive payment, we will ask if you'd like to have your membership request cancelled. You will need to submit a new request if you choose to do so. If you choose to cancel, we will remove as much information as you wish and void your invoice. Membership fees are non-refundable. If a membership is inactive for more than 3-years, we will remove all of your records. You can unsubscribe from our monthly-at-most emails and event announcements at any time. If you do remove yourself from our email list, we won't be able to keep you in the loop on our private events and programming.

How do I become a Member?

1. You can learn about the program and register here: https://www.submersivetribe.com/membership 2. Look for 1 confirmation email once you've registered and a following email once your application is approved. Make sure you forward your $20 payment by visa/mastercard or e-transfer to payments@submersivetribe.com. Memberships are valid for 365 days.

What do the membership fees apply to? Will your other events have fees?

Our public events at venues around town will not have additional fees imposed by us. At the moment, membership fees grant accees to private events which are held at out studio every month or so: https://www.submersivetribe.com/membership


How Do I Join the Board of Directors?

Every season, we put out a call for leadership based on the positions that have opened up on our crew. We are a working board which means that we ask all contributors to action a specific project or aspect of our programming. We have three tiers of governance:

  • Executive: Strategic programming and operations - AGM elected
  • Director at Large: Action and plan projects and goals - AGM elected
  • Leads: Work with volunteers to support Directors in the delivery of their role/responsibilities - Appointed quarterly
  • Members: They elect our directors at large and executives to represent them and govern the Studio/Productions/Programming.
New volunteers wanting to step up are welcomed on as 'leads' by the existing board. Through a process of signority and project delivery they can be elected to become 'Directors at Large' by our members durring our AGM. Executives are at times recruited from our Directors at Large. We require at least 1 season of volunteer service as a lead or volunteer before candidates qualify to become an official board member. All members have access to our leadership and org. documents including our orientation guides, meeting minutes governance structure, bylaws, mandate and more which is available on the Dox | Archive page in the Membership Portal.

Bookings / Residency

How can I host a workshop at your studio?

1. Please forward a request include insights into the content, materials needed, a time frame and more. We have a capacity for 15 people in our big room space and have a projector and office chair seating. 2. Proposals are received here: https://www.submersivetribe.com/submissions

How do I become a resident? What's included?

24/7 studio/kitchen/bathroom/WIFI access and a membership in our studio community - it's built around co-working, shared and private studio spaces. We're home to 15+ residents at any time. We also include 4 hours of rehearsal room time / month. Applications are accepted year round and we're always building our waitlist: https://www.submersivetribe.com/applications

How do I get booked as a vendor, dancer, or music talent for an event?

All bookings are overseen by our artist relations and production team. All proposals and submissions are received here: https://www.submersivetribe.com/submissions


What is your Code of Conduct?

1. The TL;DR version: https://bit.ly/2Sv8fHc 2. The full version that members opt-into when they register: https://bit.ly/37ca3sN 3. This is also the copy that we require our residents to sign and return to officiate their residency: https://bit.ly/37ca3sN

What is your Membership Agreement?

Right here: https://bit.ly/2ZstHOM

What is your Refund Policy?

Hardcopy public event tickets: We do not accept a refund on hardcopy tickets - please re-sell! Memberships: We don't offer refunds on annual memberships - we are greatful for the donation and depend on membership fees to support our opperations and programming. Reservations for Private Events: Please give us at least 24-hours notice if you're not able to make it. We can give you a coupon as credit to our next event. We need at least 24-hours notice to issue a credit coupon. Reservations are non-transferable.

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